Vital lies simple truths: the psychology of self-deception

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Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
Genere: Cognition
Pagine: 288 pagine
ISBN10: 0747534993
ISBN13: 9780747534990
Lingua: EN
Written by the author of Emotional Intelligence, this is an analysis of the ways in which people deceive themselves. Daniel Goleman draws on evidence of all kinds - from brain function to social dynamics - the reveal how people distort their most intimate relationships, their day-to-day lives by burying painful insights and memories. This self-deception is the human means of psychological self-preservation, the currency of survival in which all of society transacts. But although self-deception is sometimes benign, it can also be dangerous and life-diminishing. This work illuminates and raises challenging questions about a subject central to people's psychological existence.